The York City Levy takes part in a wide range of activities, many of which encourage visitor participation. To ensure visitors have the chance to experience a wide mix of talks, plays and other events we usually work to a timetable highlighting when and where they will take place. We tailor our activities to suit each venue, the nature of the event and the time of year.

  • Rievaulx Abbey 2012 - Click to enlarge

    Rievaulx Abbey 2012
    A collection of images from throughout the Medieval Year at this beautiful North Yorkshire abbey.

  • Walraversijde 2011 - Click to enlarge

    Walraversijde 2011
    Our second visit to Walraversijde in Belgium and this time we got to play with the bake house

  • Ryedale Museum Christmas 2010 - Click to enlarge

    Ryedale Folk Museum 2010
    Christmas celebrations and ditch digging over a wet but thoroughly enjoyable weekend indoors and out.

  • Newcastle Keep 2010 - Click to enlarge

    Newcastle Keep 2010
    Celebrating Heritage Open Day and the opportunity of an indoor venue the Levy talked to over 750 visitors on the day.

  • Walraversijde 2010 - Click to enlarge

    Walraversijde 2010
    York City Levy went to Belgium with a small delegation five to scout out the Walraversijde festival.

  • Bamburgh Castle 2010 - Click to enlarge

    Bamburgh Castle 2010
    Two days at the magnificent Bamburgh Castle providing living history activities on a very cold and grey May weekend.

  • Scarborough Castle 2008 - Click to enlarge

    Scarbrough Castle 2008
    The sea mist added extra drama to a series of mummer's play staring Saint George, Bold Hector and the Dragon .

  • Some photos of previous events - Click to enlarge

    Previous events
    A collection of images from the many events the York City Levy has been involved in over the last 10 years.